Music Tells A Story

Music has the power to transport us to another time and place. Robb Tito loves to harness that power with a broad audience of fellow music lovers and passionate musicians alike.

Born in the Philippines, Robb Tito is a figure in St-Barth thanks to his title "St-Barth Song".

A song with Caribbean vibes, in which he celebrates his love for this small island. The Tourism Office of St. Barth and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry sponsored the video clip and made the song a Local Anthem.

He learned music through his travelings from Hawaii, South East Asia to Europe and across the Americas.
Along with his acoustic guitar, he composes songs at the crossroad of Folk and Pop music and these quickly take on the sounds of Progressive rock and Trip-hop in the lineage of Radiohead, Archive or Mogwai as soon as his bandmates stand besides him.

He puts into song his sorrows, his loves, disillusions and anger in English, his mother tongue.

From a family of six children, he was raised in poverty. From the verdant Philippines countryside to the poor streets of Manila, his family finally finds refuge in France.

He then developed through a part of his family living in the United States a close relationship with North American music and all its contrasts, rock, hip-hop, reggae, jazz, hippie, electro ... etc. His compositions transpire these influences.

In 2012 he released an album entitled "From St-Barth to London" containing 12 tracks that is an audio invitation of a day trip where you get up in St-Barth and go to bed in London. Album with very contrasting soundscapes, between acoustic guitars and electronic sounds.

In 2019, he released a 5 tracks cover Ep entitled "Summer of 2019" with his partner in life Emy, followed by the Video Clip "Lose yourself to Skyfall".

Concerning Covers:
His musical journey took him to Saint-Barth island, in the French West Indies, where he started doing covers. He performed mostly acoustic in bars, hotels, restaurants and private events.

His covers are fresh, his charisma and simplicity work. he takes the habit of covering songs we don't expect to hear, selecting non mainstream songs, doing mash ups, and even acoustic hip-hop.

In 2020, he is among the selected Artists of Chateau Pommard infamous "Rootstock Music Festival" in France.

Today, Robb Tito provides worldwide live music entertainments and offers intimate acoustic or full band gigs